About region

Archaeologists insist that if they start excavations in Hisarya, the findings could create occupation for a whole generation of historians. The romantic shades of the ancient roots of the town are felt most strongly in the Archaeological Museum of the town, and after a quick walk through the remains of the over 2,000 m long wall of the ancient Roman fortress. If a person has traveled the lands of the former Roman Empire, he would certainly bow to the extraordinary sense of the Romans in selecting the place for a settlement. Along with the obvious requirements, such as availability of fresh water, conditions for abundant food, easy access and adequate protection, they also took into consideration the climatic characteristics of the area. Hisarya is no exception. It is argued, however, that Emperor Domeclitian, the founder of the town, appreciated most highly the healing power of the numerous mineral springs in the area. This healing power of the springs has not lost its effect even in our times, but it is not any more the only attractive feature of the town. A few decades ago it was known about Hisarya that apart from the so called Camels (the highest preserved part of one of the gates of the ancient Roman fortress) and the strange little porcelain jugs for slow sipping of mineral water (called Hisarcheta), there was hardly any other curious thing. Those days are far behind us. Over the years, Hisarya managed to avoid the ”Sunny Beach syndrome” and put more emphasis on the authentic atmosphere of the small town, combined with modern resort facilities in all seasons and for all ages. The numerous swimming pools with mineral water and the incredibly spacious, clean, and we would add, safe parks, are the shelter in the sweltering summer days. The charm of Hisarya lies in the opportunity to walk barefoot on the grass in the cool parks. To walk in the footsteps of the Roman nobility, along the majestic walls of the ancient Roman city of Diocletianopolis. In the pleasure to take a sip of living water from the mineral springs. The morning “congregation” of sparrows on the high poplars, and the chirping and darting of swallows, the nighttime chorus of crickets, the night barking of a yard dog, and the voice of a rooster, measuring the hours of the night, bring peace of mind and satisfaction from the fact that there are still places where nature and contemporaneity strive for harmony.

This makes the town unique. Hisarya is a modern oasis of green space and friendly people.