About us

Restaurant “National” was born in 1999 from the desire to offer our customers comfort and calmness in the authentic atmosphere of the small town. Gradually it became our favourite shelter and this feeling overwhelmed our friends, and after that all of our customers.

By crossing over the threshold of the restaurant you open doors to your memories closed long ago. Everything seems so familiar - as in the old house of the unforgettable childhood. After the cozy meeting by the spacious room with the irresistible charm of a burning fireplace, the pleasurable sensations are enhanced by the soft colour of the wood. When we designed the interior, we sought it to be not only comfortable, but also playful. The many “little things” around you form a “great whole” and create a sense of domestic tranquility. These are our memories and pieces of our souls, that are happy to share with you.

With us, along with the opportunity to taste delicious dishes from the Bulgarian and European cuisine, to take a sip of wine with friends, and to enjoy the gentle musical impressions, you can get advice or further information about the city and the surroundings.

The restaurant has 56 seats indoors and 120 seats in the garden.

The reasonable prices, the discreet service, and the welcoming atmosphere are a prerequisite for pleasant moments in the company of your family, friends and business partners.